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Help! Hilary! Help!

By Aaron Shepard

Reader’s Theater Edition #21

Adapted for reader’s theater (or readers theatre) by the author

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Story copyright © 1997 Aaron Shepard. Script copyright © 1998, 2002 Aaron Shepard. Scripts in this series are free and may be copied, shared, and performed for any noncommercial purpose, except they may not be posted online without permission.

PREVIEW: Hilary gets the chance to show just how helpful she can be.

GENRE: Tall tales, humor
CULTURE: American
THEME: Helpfulness, heroines
READERS: 12 or more
LENGTH: 3 minutes

ROLES: Narrators 1–8, Mom, Hilary (female), Bad Guys 1 & 2, (Serpent)

NOTES: For best effect, place NARRATORS 1 to 4 at far left, and 5 to 8 at far right, as seen from the audience.

All special features are at www.aaronshep.com/extras.

Book cover: Stories on StageMOM:  Hilary!

NARRATOR 1:  —said her mom.

MOM:  Can’t you be more of a help?

HILARY:  I was trying!

NARRATOR 8:  —said Hilary.

NARRATOR 2:  She went to her room and slammed the door. She played with her toys.

MOM:  (offstage) Help! Hilary! Help!

NARRATOR 7:  It was her mom!

HILARY:  (yelling) I’m coming.

NARRATOR 3:  Two bad guys were carrying her mom away!

NARRATOR 6:  Hilary ran after them down the street.

BAD GUY 1:  Look out!

NARRATOR 4:  —said one.

BAD GUY 1:  That kid is chasing us!

BAD GUY 2:  Let’s get out of here fast.

NARRATOR 5:  —said the other.

NARRATOR 1:  They stuffed her mom in a car and drove off.

MOM:  Help! Hilary! Help!

NARRATOR 8:  Hilary got in another car and raced after them.

NARRATOR 2:  They stopped at an airport and headed for a plane.

NARRATOR 7:  Hilary was right behind them.

HILARY:  (yelling) Drop my mom! RIGHT NOW!

NARRATOR 3:  The bad guys dropped her mom and ran off.

NARRATOR 6:  But something swooped down. A giant bird!

NARRATOR 4:  It picked up her mom and flew away!

MOM:  Help! Hilary! Help!

NARRATOR 5:  Hilary got in the plane and took off after the bird.

NARRATOR 1:  She flew right above it and climbed down a rope.

NARRATOR 8:  But the bird dropped her mom!

MOM:  Help! Hilary! Help!

NARRATOR 2:  Hilary got back in the plane and flew a loop-de-loop-de-loop.

NARRATOR 7:  Her mom landed on top.

HILARY:  (yelling) Hold on!

NARRATOR 3:  But the wind blew her off!

MOM:  Help! Hilary! H‑e‑l‑l‑l‑l‑p!

NARRATOR 6:  Hilary jumped from the plane.

NARRATOR 4:  They landed in a river.



NARRATOR 5:  But a waterfall was just ahead!

MOM:  Help! Blub. Hilary! Blub. Help!

NARRATOR 1:  Hilary grabbed her mom in time and started for shore.

NARRATOR 8:  But a giant serpent rose from the water.

NARRATOR 2:  It opened its mouth!

MOM:  Help! Hilary! EEEEEEEEEEK!

NARRATOR 7:  The serpent swallowed them!

NARRATOR 3:  On the way down, Hilary tickled its throat.

NARRATOR 6:  The serpent coughed, and they flew through the air.

NARRATOR 4:  They passed over the town.

NARRATOR 5:  They landed in their own backyard.

MOM:  Hilary! You’re such a great big HELP!

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