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Another treasure from Aaron and Wendy!

Which Shoes Do You Choose?

By Aaron Shepard
Illustrated by Wendy Edelson

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“I want shoes that are spiffy, not iffy.”

Katie is tired of her same old shoes, so she goes to the store to buy new ones. But with so many wondrous choices, how can she ever decide? In this fun story told with lively verse, a young girl gets a peek at the many possibilities open to her in life and embraces them with joy.

Picture book • Ages 2–8

Aaron Shepard

Aaron Shepard is the award-winning author of The Baker’s Dozen, The Sea King’s Daughter, The Monkey King, and many more children’s books, while his Web site is known internationally as a prime resource for folktales, storytelling, and reader’s theater. Once a professional storyteller, Aaron specializes in lively retellings of folktales and other traditional literature, which have won him honors from the American Library Association, the New York Public Library, the Bank Street College of Education, the National Council for the Social Studies, and the American Folklore Society.

Wendy Edelson is the award-winning illustrator of The Baker’s Dozen, Christmas Truce, Quackling, and many more children’s books. She has applied her talent to a wide range of illustration projects, including picture books, pet portraits, posters, and puzzles. Among her clients have been Seattle’s Woodland Park Zoo, the Seattle Aquarium, Pacific Northwest Ballet, the U.S. Postal Service, Cricket Magazine, McGraw-Hill Education, and the American Library Association.

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Sample Text

Katie was tired of her same old shoes.

“I want shoes I choose!” she said.

She went to the store to buy new ones.

The sales clerk asked, “Which shoes do you choose?”

Katie said, “I want shoes that are braggy, not baggy.”

“Let me see,” said the clerk.

“We have small shoes,

and tall shoes,

and walk-on-the-wall shoes.

“We have red shoes,

and head shoes,

and down-the-hill-sled shoes.

“We have blue shoes,

and BOO shoes,

and paddle-canoe shoes.

“Which shoes do you choose?”

Katie said, “I want shoes that are slicky, not sticky.”

“Let me see,” said the clerk.

“We have jog shoes,

and log shoes,

and hop-like-a-frog shoes.

“We have tied shoes,

and wide shoes,

and carnival-ride shoes.

“We have trail shoes,

and snail shoes,

and wind-in-your-sail shoes.

“Which shoes do you choose?”

Katie said, “I want shoes that are spiffy, not iffy.”

“Let me see,” said the clerk.

“We have black shoes,

and snack shoes,

and ride-on-a-track shoes.

“We have wet shoes,

and pet shoes,

and super-speed-jet shoes.

“We have moon shoes,

and goon shoes,

and hot-air-balloon shoes.

“Which shoes do you choose?”

Katie said, “I choose all these shoes.”

She bought the shoes and took them home.

Now Katie chooses all her shoes with ALL THOSE SHOES TO CHOOSE!

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